Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills

How to play football for beginners

Let This All-American, Former Pro Soccer Player Show YOU Exactly How To Drastically Improve Your Touch, Shooting, Dribbling, Moves, And Gain Masterful Soccer Skills

Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills

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Whether you’re a beginner or already play soccer well, you can get better with the Epic Soccer Training system. Following is a modified transcript from the video, 9 Reasons Epic Soccer Training Rocks!

1. Epic Soccer Training makes you a Better Player, in Less Time

Most soccer coaches use the old ‘tried and tested’ training techniques of yesteryear, where players spend most of their time waiting for their chance to touch the ball in a particular soccer drill.

Epic Soccer Training is totally different. It uses a modern approach to soccer training, and is designed so you learn how to play soccer the right way, how to play soccer like a pro. You get thousands of individual, quality touches on the ball, so you quickly improve your touch.

No exaggeration! if you complete the course the way it is structured, you will have thousands of touches in the first 4 weeks alone. Passing drills, shooting drills, dribbling drills, basic moves and plays, soccer skills and tricks – it’s all included.

2. Helps you Build a Solid Foundation

Most players focus on learning soccer tricks but the reality is if you’re serious about improving your soccer skills, you need to focus on developing your basic skills first.

The first module in Epic Soccer Training is designed to develop your basic soccer skills, so that you have a solid foundation to build on. As you progress through the other modules, you’ll start to develop more advanced skills, including learning practical soccer tricks that you can use in a game.

As you progress through the modules, you’ll spend time at the beginning of each session repeating soccer drills from the first module. It’s been structured that way so you get thousands of quality touches on the ball to build muscle memory, to improve your touch.

3. Suitable for both Beginners, and more Advanced Players

Epic Soccer Training is flexible enough to suit both beginners, and those who already have a good base of soccer skills and are looking to improve. While there is a structured program, you can modify it to suit your own skills and experience.

If you’re just starting to learn how to play soccer, then you can slow it down, spend more time on any areas you need more practice. And for those who have some base skills, you can fast-track some elements, whilst still working within the overall system.

4. It’s 100% Practical, so You Know Exactly What to Do

Both the content of the Epic Soccer Training tutorials, and the structure of how they work together are 100% practical, so that everything you learn you’re able to execute in a game.

Each soccer drill is covered in individual videos, so that you can focus on them one at a time, and not be overwhelmed. Matt Smith (Epic Soccer Training founder) breaks everything down, so you have a step-by-step tutorial on exactly what to do, and why.

There are also “Classroom” videos designed to improve your soccer intelligence by helping you understand key positional plays in defence, midfield and attack.

5. Video Tutorials make it Easy to Learn

It’s the next best thing to having someone there coaching you in-person.

There are over 70 soccer drills across the four modules. Each drill is presented in a short, informative video, allowing you to focus on them individually. Matt Smith provides a step-by-step tutorial for each drill, showing you exactly what to do, making it really easy to learn.

6. It’s a Complete Soccer Training System

Epic Soccer Training is a complete soccer training program, designed to teach you how to play soccer the right way. It covers all aspects of playing soccer – dribbling, shooting, defending…

It’s been developed to be completed in a particular order, so you start with the basic moves to improve your ball control and touch, and then work to build your skills.

7. Teaches the importance of Fitness and Nutrition

You need to work on more than just your soccer skills.

8. Epic Soccer Training is Great Value

Look at all you get with the Epic Soccer Training package.

9. Epic Soccer Training Works!

I bought Epic Soccer Training to improve my own soccer skills, and I can honestly say it’s not only improved my skills but also given me more confidence with the ball. Sometimes I even feel like Christiano Ronaldo!

My positional play has improved, I’m getting more time on the ball during games. I’m much better at controlling the ball, particularly out of the air, and my passing and general kicking have also improved.

If you’re willing to put in the work, with the Epic Soccer Training system, you will definitely get results. I have.

Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills

Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills

Discover the 3 Success Factors to Improve Your Soccer here:


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How to play football for beginners

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High Quality Soccer Training Program Designed To Improve Soccer Skills.

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