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Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills

How to play football for beginners Let This All-American, Former Pro Soccer Player Show YOU Exactly How To Drastically Improve Your Touch, Shooting, Dribbling, Moves, And Gain Masterful Soccer Skills Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills Discover the 3 … Continue reading

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Response to: Raven’s Michael Oher gets upset at Blind Side questions before the Super Bowl

This video is my response to Raven’s player Michael Oher getting annoyed with reporters who kept asking him questions about the BlindSide movie. This video is just me talking and giving my opinion. I am not showing any video or photos. It is just me talking with the basic graphic. That is it. Here is a description of what I am talking about. I have also included some additional information to reference what I am discussing. Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher is a foundation of an offense that led the way to the franchise’s first trip to the Super Bowl since 2000. That, however, is not Oher’s true claim to fame. A majority of Football‘s casual fans primarily know Oher as the subject of "The Blind Side," Michael Lewis’ best-selling book turned hit movie, in which the young man’s rags-to-riches story and adoption by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy is told. The book and subsequent movie took America by storm, but Oher has never been happy about the inaccuracies of the movie, and when Super Bowl media day came around on Tuesday, Oher knew that the questions about his cinematic past would be coming from everywhere. Put simply, he would just like to move on to other important things. You know, like his first Super Bowl appearance. "I’m tired of the movie. I’m here to play Football," Oher said early during his media session on the floor of the Superdome. "Football is what got me here and the movie, it wasn’t me. I always knew how to play Football growing up. It was <b>…</b>

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